About Us

We are a specialised electronics and software company incorporated in 1987. In 2008 we sold a large part of our technology base to a German company, and from 2012 (after a 4 year restrictive covenant) started launching a new range of products. Our expertise is in finding elegant solutions to  ‘difficult to solve’ problems. We are a small team of dedicated and passionate professionals, who always seek to add value and refinement to everything we design and build. We are experts in control systems – their stability, their optimisation and their reliability. We started out as experts in the mathematics of control theory, and now regard ourselves as one of the top companies in hydraulic and electronic control systems, as well as in bespoke instrumentation.

"We aim to be recognised as the leader in bespoke mobile control systems in the UK"
- Brian Thompson, Managing Director

What We Do

We make vehicles drive as they should. We make machines operate with safety and integrity. We make sensors and instruments that are accurate, noise-free and robust. We make systems that interact smoothly and intelligently. We design custom solutions to control problems you may have, when you need something special that guarantees safety, precision, repeatability and reliability. We understand the mathematics and physics of real control challenges, and will neither over-engineer an expensive solution, nor provide a cheap and inadequate solution. We will optimise the performance of our solution to fit your budget, timescale and technical requirements. When you have a need for some hardware and/or software that needs exceptional insight, and the awareness that comes from years of experience in many complex fields, contact us. It is our mission that we impress you!

We Are Experts

From the mathematics of control theory to the practical realities of hydraulics – we know our subject intimately.

We Are Enthusiastic

We do what we love, and we love what we do. This means you can expect and will receive, total commitment from us.

We Are Perfectionists

We strive for excellence and accept nothing less. Previous customers have included AT&T, Rolls Royce, Shell, the UK and US armed forces, refuse truck and sweeper manufacturers, and many more..

We Want Your Business

At Control Developments we still believe the customer comes first and we will do whatever is necessary to meet your commitments, to exceed your expectations, and to provide your satisfaction.

Success Stories


Cost effective logger/diagnostic unit provides Health & Usage Monitoring System and Vehicle Information Management system functions. Large memory allows continuous logging for years. Provides real time output. The unit can also be programmed to pre-emptively anticipate reduced reliability before a failure in the field occurs. 

Applications: Military off road vehicles, fleet vehicles, municipal vehicles


Powerful, generic CAN module with 40 I/O channels. Two processors work in parallel to ensure safe operation. High level of self and remote diagnostics. Protected against salt spray, vibration, immersion, temperature and shock.

Application: Control systems requiring the highest level of reliability, high integrity steering and hydrostatic drive controls

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